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How many times have you wasted hours on the analysis, review, and search for signals to open a position – only to be too late or hesitate when it was time to pull the trigger? Algory Project is a set of powerful and multifunctional tools focused on the cryptocurrency market and designed with trading efficiency in mind. If you trade cryptocurrencies, you absolutely need Algory. It is the most actionable and multifunctional tool ever built for individual crypto-traders all over the world. Founded by traders for traders, it gives you an amazing edge when trading cryptocurrencies. Algory Project includes 13 tools, some of which are described below.

Powerful Cryptoscanner

Never be late again, become a real pro!

Create fully automated and versatile filters and alerts that scan the cryptocurrency markets in real-time. The scanner will radically change the way you search and pick cryptocurrencies for trading! Learn in real-time which cryptocurrencies are hot by using more than 100 different filters and alerts. Analyze all the cryptocurrencies that are relevant to your trading strategy. Take advantage of autotrading based on filters and alerts too!

ICO analyzer

Analyze. Support. Profit!

$2.35 billion collected through ICO in one year! Impressive! This is an enormous amount reaching the market on an ongoing basis. Check out the project before you decide to support it. Use the ICO Analyzer to check all ICOs. Check ICO wallets or keep up with the information on transfers between the major projects in the world of ICOs.
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